Parkside Limeworks’ 100% natural lime products are renowned for their quality.

The Calcium Carbonate content of our lime is regularly assessed to be in the range of 90%, which is relatively high in comparison to other products.

Our lime is considered “soft,” which is beneficial since it breaks down rapidly when applied to paddocks. On the other hand, some of our competitors have to blast their lime, which is very hard and can remain in the paddock for two to three years before breaking down. In comparison, our lime breaks down much faster.

Parkside Lime calcium carbonate

Parkside Lime Dried Lime, Undried Lime, and Fine Lime help improve and maintain optimum soil health, and maximise pasture, crop, and stock production. All great for your bottom line!

Our Product Range includes quality Track Lime for Dairy Lanes, and Grit Lime. Our Fine Lime, and Grit Lime are also suitable for stock feed.

Parkside Limeworks is in Ōamaru, North Otago. We also have a modern fertiliser mixing plant onsite, to provide Customised Fertiliser Blends to mix with your lime.


Parkside Limeworks lime products are made using pure, 100% natural limestone from our family-owned quarry: Parkside Quarry in Ōamaru, which has one of New Zealand’s purest limestone deposits.

  • Very high Calcium Carbonate percentage:
    Chemical Analysis consistently measured to be in the 90’s percentage range CaCO3.
  • Fine-grained: all lime particles under 1mm
  • Even texture
  • Made from responsibly quarried NZ Limestone



High quality, 100% natural New Zealand lime:

  • Dried Agricultural Lime – Suitable for aerial application
  • Undried Agricultural Lime – Groundspread use only
  • Fine Lime – Suitable for quick fix of calcium, and stock feed
  • Track Lime – Commonly used on dairy lanes and foundation fill
  • Rut Rock – Free flowing for Rut buster trailers
  • Grit Lime -Suitable for stockfeed
  • Customised Fertiliser Blends – Fertiliser to mix with your lime. Modern mixing plant available.



✓ Lowers soil acidity, helps maintain pH balance
✓ Cost-effective & lowers Fertiliser costs
✓ Increases Fertiliser efficiency & effectiveness
✓ Improves Pasture/Crop growth & quality
✓ Increases Stock size & improves Stock health
✓ Helps create nutrient-rich soil
✓Increases organic matter & soil micro / macro organisms
✓ Optimises nutrient availability
✓ Improves plant nutrient absorption/efficiency