A legacy carved in stone

Our business interests and family history in North Otago, span six generations. We are proud to be part of Parkside Limeworks (Parkside Quarries), Parkside Quarry, Ōamaru Stone, and Parkside Farm.

Nestled in the heart of North Otago, Parkside Limeworks stands as a testament to a family legacy spanning six generations. Our history is deeply engraved in the stones of Parkside Quarry, Ōamaru Stone, and the verdant expanses of Parkside Farm. We are more than a business; we are a family committed to preserving the craftsmanship and uniqueness found only in Parkside Limeworks, part of Parkside Quarries Ltd.

Our operations, based in Ōamaru, extend beyond traditional quarrying. We’ve embraced technology with an advanced fertiliser mixing plant on-site, allowing us to offer Customised Fertiliser Blends enhanced with our premium lime, catering to the specific needs of your soil.

Discover the transformative power of our agricultural lime, a gift from the depths of Parkside Quarry, Ōamaru.

parkside quarry agricultural lime oamaru

Our History

1906 marked the genesis of our journey with the extraction of the first limestone block from what would become the iconic Parkside Quarry. The legacy continued through what was known as Taylor’s Limeworks in the early 1930s, evolving into today’s Parkside Limeworks under Parkside Quarries Ltd.

In 1991, after 17 years of quarrying limestone solely for the building industry, the purchase of the limeworks by Parkside Quarries Ltd was a major diversification for the business which expanded our horizons, fortifying our commitment to quality, innovation, and tradition.

We take pride in offering lime products that are as pure as they are efficacious. Harvested from the heart of our family-owned Parkside Quarry, our limestone stands out for its unmatched purity, making it one of New Zealand’s most prized natural resources. Each product in our diverse range carries the essence of quality, a trademark of Parkside Limeworks.

Parkside Limeworks lime products are made using pure, 100% natural limestone from our family-owned quarry: Parkside Quarry in Ōamaru, North Otago, which has one of New Zealand’s purest limestone deposits.


You can learn more about Parkside Quarry (including how you can take a Tour to see the source of our lime), in the Oamaru Stone website (Parkside Quarry also supplies limestone to  Ōamaru Stone).