Thinking of emigrating to Mars?

On the days that you’re not thinking straight, tired from a midnight calving or 18 hours of mowing sileage, it’s easy to make the mistake of turning on One News and coming away with the feeling that half the planet is either on fire or under water. With polar icecaps crumbling into the sea, the Amazon denuded of trees to the tune of 10,000 acres a day, and persistent catastrophic flooding in our own Gisborne and Hawkes Bay (and Auckland, but they can nurse their lattes and observe the deluge from inside their local café, so they’ll survive), it can sometimes feel like the end of the world is nigh. It’s enough to make you want to sell up and move to another planet.

Back to basics with good old Calcium Carbonate

But it’s not all doom and gloom. It might not feature much on the telly (with the exception of every second Country Calendar episode, yawn), but there’s a new movement growing, a radical shift back to basics, a drive to work with nature, rather than against it. There are plenty of us out there who are rejecting intensification and our reliance on global polluters, and Parkside Lime has found itself in the happy position of being one of the good guys. We’ve been doing our thing for almost 120 years now, but we’ll take it! We knew our farmers would wake up to the benefits of lime eventually.

Get off the urea train

While the controversial blanket regulations imposed by the previous government have certainly forced farmers to reduce their reliance on urea, we believe that Jacinda and her cronies simply accelerated a process that was already in the back of pastoralists’ minds. You all, well most of you at any rate, knew that there had to be a better way to grow grass.

Urea might be cheap, but its production emits huge amounts of CO2, it has a tendency to wash away and leach into rivers, and too much of it results in cell damage to soil. The increase in ammonia caused by excessive urea application ruins your soil’s natural fertility, which means it needs even more urea, and on and on it goes, a vicious chemical circle from which it can seem impossible to escape.

Undried lime. Perfect for the summer months.

But fear not! Help is at hand, in the form of 100% natural, PH-balancing, microbe-friendly Parkside Lime from our quarry in Weston, Oamaru. Lime is cheap, organic, and just one application will reduce the acidity in your soil and set your precious patch of dirt on the path to good health. Parkside Lime is ‘soft,’ meaning it breaks down more quickly than the lime supplied by our competitors.

Undried lime, at $26+GST /tonne, is your cheapest option, and the time to buy it is now, as January and February are when it’s naturally at its driest. Call Shane at Parkside Lime on 0275556392 today, and start the new year with a resolution to support local and green (not treehugger and patchouli oil green, just regular undo-all-the-chemical-damage-to-your-soil while-being-kind-to-the-environment green).

Give Shane a call today on 0275556392 or contact us.